Thursday, October 18, 2018

Just Start It - Rapid Startup Development Is Key

Lean On Me-thodology

When you’re ready to take the plunge and start out on a new entrepreneurial adventure, if you don’t know what to expect, it can be pretty overwhelming. Sometimes, your greatest resource is time, but as with anything, if you take too much, it can also be trouble. “So, then,” you may ask, “how does one avoid taking too much time when there is so much to do?” Luckily, just like there are good software engineering methodologies, there are also good startup development methodologies, such as Lean. The point of a Lean methodology is to get your startup going ASAP and cut the planning and theory down to what’s necessary. 
If you like things done yesterday, you’re going to love this.  If you always take a more cautious approach to life, I’m sure you’ll still be able to appreciate a methodology where you learn just as much through practice and experience while minimizing waste and funding requirements.

Ideas, Action, Go!

What is Lean, exactly? While you may come across different textbook definitions, at its heart, Lean is about providing the value your customers want in a product or service while simultaneously reducing the resource waste in your process through continuous trial, error and improvement. 
So, for you, that means you get an idea, take the first steps to make your idea a reality, share it when it’s at its minimally viable stage and continuously improve it on its way to being production ready. It’s your baby that is born whether you’re ready or not. From that point forward, you’re going to nurture it on a daily cycle knowing that with each misstep is an opportunity to make tomorrow better. Don’t let the possibility of mistakes hold you back. They’re going to happen. You’re job is to make sure your startup gets the right knowledge and right action based on each misstep.

Listen And Learn

Of course, you’re going to have to have a way to know that you’re actually improving the product or service your startup provides. To do this, you’ll need to get feedback from your most important testers, your customers. While you can’t please everyone all the time, it’ll be essential to take their input and develop your set of key performance indicators to guide you to your next iteration. Whether it’s a formal survey or just a chat about what worked and what didn’t you’ll get the sort of valuable insight that error logs won’t give you.
Now, based on the KPIs  you establish, you’ll want to jump on to the next cycle of development. This is a process you’ll have to continuously do to deliver a better product quickly. Continuous delivery is its own methodology and philosophy, but however you implement it, make sure you’re meeting the customer’s need for value, thoroughly testing and monitoring it once everything is live.


Motivation is going to be your own best metric when it comes to the success of your startup. A great idea implemented with miniscule motivation has a lot less chance of success than a mediocre idea implemented with great enthusiasm. The energy you get from each success is what is going to keep you moving. Sure, the failures are going to feel draining as well, but it’s the motivation that’ll keep you going forward until that moment when it all comes together.  
So, what does Lean have to do with motivation? Well, when you’re running Lean, you’re hitting your goals quickly and seeing that each completed goal is actually taking you one step closer to the success of your startup. Sure, many of us like to have it all right now, but once you get into the habit of appreciating incremental improvements, then you’ll certainly get to achieve that special moment where you can take in the entirety of the process and bask in the warmth of winning. Then, you need to jump right on to the next set of incremental improvements.


Finally, you may wonder what does this all have to do with your startup and ColdFusion. Well, if you’re startup is tech based and web based, ColdFusion may be the perfect tool to get you working leaner, faster, stronger and better. ColdFusion was born out the idea of speedy productivity and has only gotten better over the years. As one of the first Rapid Application Development platforms for web apps, CFML has evolved to meet the needs of new generations of developers. 
Some examples that take extra advantage of the ease and power of the CFML language are faster prototypes, easily learned and implemented frameworks, and open source projects that help get you moving forward, even when it’s your cash reserves that are pretty lean. Also, as security has evolved and improved with each release, ColdFusion is a battle tested and web native platform to help your startup succeed.