Monday, May 13, 2019

ColdFusion Isn't Just For Web Sites

Hello, all!

The technology stack you choose is often a pretty overwhelming decision depending on your comfort with tech. Will my applications be secure? Easily maintainable? Future proof? Can I find the right talent when I need it?

These are all important things a tech startup will have to consider (along with so many other non-tech things). If you don't know a REST API from a rest stop, then maybe it's an easier choice. Whatever gets the job done fastest and at the highest value is what you're concerned with.

Luckily, CFML is a solution that'll work from any point of view. Not only that, CFML applicatoin servers like Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee Server are going to be a great choice to serve up more than just your web pages. In today's world, you're not just putting up a site or a blog to run your business. You have mobile and desktop apps that don't need to see your wonderful graphics, they just need to get fast access to data that your customer's apps will know what to do with. CFML can serve up that data quickly when it's built to do so with minimal effort.

CFML is part of a whole development environment that'll take care of your online application needs. Are you going to build executable files that your customers will have download and install? No. Are you going to be able to build cloud based subscription platforms that'll automate your business tasks and respond quickly to customer needs? Yes.

Do you need an MVP by the end of the week to demo for the CEO that your online dog walking app will revolutionize the industry? With the modern CFML frameworks that are easily, and many 'freely' available, you can do it.

Is it a voice first app that needs to reach out to Google to translate across three languages? ColdFusion can do that for you, too.

Ultimately, ColdFusion can suit almost any need you have for online interactive data exchanges. So for your starup, don't pass up CFML just because you think it's a light version of a real web application. It's everything any modern startup needs to get up and running quickly. In future posts, I'll provide examples of how you can take advantage of this opportunity.